Fancy Five

No basic handoff high fives today.  Everyone had to give the right-left high five foot clap chest bump, as Sarah and Kelly show us here.  But then Scott steals the show, check out his solo performance below!

Partner Workout:

8 Rounds:
7 Handstand Push Up
7 DB Thruster (30/40lb)
7 Pull Ups
7 Heavy KBS
7 Toe To Bar
200 Meter Run
*Partner #1 performs an entire round while partner #2 rests, switch via fancy high five, 4 rounds each 8 rounds total.


If you have 5 minutes, pretty incredible 1500 meter race.


Two rounds with a partner -
2 minute AMRAPs at each of the following four stations, one person working at a time: KBSs (53/70), bench press (65/95), ball slams (30/40), and thruster (65/95). Rest 4 minutes after the second time through. Tally the total reps at each station completed as a team. Then one round of two minutes per station with both partners working at the same time, trying to match the team rep totals established at each station earlier, using roughly half the weight: KBSs (26/35), bench (33/45), ball slam (15/20), and thruster (33/45).