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The "Johnnys"

It's hard NOT to take photos of Johnny when we're lifting. As always, he did a great job of not sacrificing speed or technique for weight. 

John got 8th in the first event today, the Deadlift Ladder, PR'ing his deadlift by 35 pounds!!! Amazing way to start. He then finished 11th in both the Max Distance and Sled Drag events. The final event of the day was 5 rounds of 400m run and 1 rope climb and John crushed it finishing 5th. He sits in 9th place after day one. Keep up the great work Sugar!


3 sets:
1 min. to complete:
1 Power Clean+Push Jerk
1 Power Clean+Split Jerk
1 Clean+Split Jerk
2 min. rest

3 Rounds:
4 min. ladder:
10-10-10-10..... Power Snatch
10-20-30-40.... Double Under
1 min. rest
*restart each round to 10/10. Score is your lowest score in the 3 rounds.


Zacky has hops.




Four Tabata Rounds (push ups, sit ups, calorie row, and lunges) with four minutes rest in between.  During the Tabata rounds, six of the eight intervals will completed using the above movements, one for each round.  Either wall balls or KBSs will be used for the remaining two intervals of each round.  The score for each round will be the lowest number of reps out of the six intervals plus the lowest number of reps for the two intervals (WB or KBSs).  Each rest period the athletes will attempt one clean.  They can take as many practice clean attempts during the 4 minute rest period as they want but only one official attempt per rest (3 total for the workout).  The total pounds of their heaviest successful lift will be added to their Tabata rep score for a total score.



It's a family affair.  No lack of cuteness in this photo, the kiddos of Crossfit Santa Cruz Central!


Box Jump: 30-24-18-12-6
Toe TO Bar: 18-12-12-12-6
DB Hang Power Clean To Push Press(40/30lb): 10-8-6-4-2
Run: 400-0-800-0-400
*Order of workout: 30 Box Jump > 18 T2B > 10 DB HPC/PP > Run 400 > 24 Box Jump etc.