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Switching Gears

It was a very exciting Crossfit Games this 2014.  A lot of new faces that from the looks of it, we'll be seeing in the future.  This years champions are Camille Leblanc Bazinet and Rich Froning.  It was great to see Camille's reaction after she won.  It's incredible the amount of training, time, work, sacrifice (the list goes on) that goes into the journey to be a Games athlete, and to have it all pay off with a win, can't imagine the feeling, good for her.
 Rich said he's "not retiring, just switching gears," let's hope that gear doesn't last too long!



"Deck of Cards"

Three 5 min. AMRAP's - Movements and number of reps determined by a five card draw from the deck of cards.

Hearts Rd.1 = Shoulder to Overhead (65/95)  Rd. 2 = KBS (36,56)  Rd. 3 = Walking Lunges
Spades Rd. 1 = Deadlift (65/95)  Rd. 2 = Prowler (1)  Rd. 3 = Ball Slams
Diamonds Rd. 1  = Power Cleans (65/95)  Rd. 2 = Pull -up  Rd. 3 = Sit ups
Clubs Rd. 1 = Goblet Squat's (36/44) Rd. 2 = T2B  Rd. 3 = Wall Ball (14, 20)
Face Cards  Rd. 1, 2, & 3 = 15 Cal Row
Ace Rd. 1 = Prowler Push (2), Rd. 2 = Rope Climb  Rd. 3 = Prowler (2)


One of, if not the coolest thing about these Crossfit competitions is how nice everyone is.  There is just this sense of kindness that extends from the athletes, to the judges, and even through the crowd to the fans.  Here are a couple memorable shots Johnny got to experience.  The first shot is John and Rebecca Voigt, who we ran into on Thursday at Trader Joes, really cool person we're rooting for!  The second photo is John and two girls that wanted to "take a picture with the celebrity" in the parking lot!


200 Meter Run
50 Double Under
15 Power Clean 135/95lb
15 Burpee
200 Meter Run
40 Double Under
12 Power Clean
12 Burpee
200 Meter Run
30 Double Under
9 Power Clean
9 Burpee
200 Meter Run


A big part of lifting can be your approach to the bar. Consistency, focus and intensity when approaching the barbell can definitely affect how a lift will go. Here's a little series of Shari approaching her bar for the Push Press today. (click the photo)


Push Press: 3x5

Against a 10 minute clock:
400m Run
21 Pull Ups
400m Run
15 Pull Ups
400m Run
Pull Ups
@ the 10 min mark 50 Walls Balls (20/14#) for time

Lady Lifters

One of my favorite things to do is lift with friends. The triumphs, the frustration, the chalk...it's just all better when you get to share it with people you like and are inspired by. Here are two gals that I know love lifting together.

For all you lady lifters out there (and for you guys who would like to better understand us) here is a great article that Kelly shared with me. I can't figure out how to make it a link, so you just have to copy and paste the URL. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting/Media/The-Wednesday-Word/Wednesday-Word-07-09-14

JOHNNY KANE UPDATE: Today was the 3rd and final day for John at the CF Games. The first event was a chipper and eventhough John had to do wall balls while staring straight into the sun, he had a strong 5th place finish. The final event was a sprint which involved a 100m run, C2B pull ups and snatches at 115#. John came in 11th on that event to bring him to a 9th place finish overall. That means he is among the top 10 FITTEST 60+ GENTLEMEN IN THE WORLD! Pretty impressive. We couldn't be more proud of you John!! Thank you for representing CFSCC so well.


Deadlift: 6-6-6-6-6 

4 rounds:
2 min. ladder:
3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24 etc. of:
KBS (24/16kg)
Box Jump (24/20")
1 minute rest
1 min Row for Cals
1 minute rest
*pick up where you left off on ladder each round



Little gallery from this morning. The first shot is of Tim in the "start/finish" position we practiced today. The second one is of him in the bottom "tripod" position that we also worked on. Next two shots are of the front and back of the 8am class. And of course some Johnny Kane love to finish the gallery off. 

JOHNNY KANE UPDATE: John had another great day today. He finished 6th in both of his events; the first was a variation on the very first Games workout ever including a 1k row and 5 rounds of 15 pull ups and 7 jerks. The second event was a medicine ball clean and burpees in the heat of the day. John is holding strong in 9th place going into his third and final day. Stay strong Johnny!! We're all rooting for you.


3 Rounds:
2 DB Weighted Lunges/ 1 DB Hang Clean (40/30#) (3x)
12 Front Rack Step Ups
2 DB Weighted Lunges/ 1 DB Hang Clean (40/30#) (3x)
3 Rope Climbs
200m Run