"Throwback Thursday" has been getting some serious play on social media.  Figured we take this opportunity to post a throwback picture to our last Central event, while presenting new info on our next little event, which will be Sunday September 7th at the Haas Pavilion when the San Francisco Fire play the Boston Iron.  The game is at 5pm.  The plan is to head up there a couple hours early and do a little tailgate/picnic (not allowed to have open flames tailgating on Berkeley campus) before the game.  Please let Gary know by email (glhirthler@gmail) or phone (212-1474) if you'd like to join so he can get some carpools together, or if you have any questions.  Should be fun (the game also), hope you can join, all are welcome!

Monday September 1st, Labor Day  
No 6am or Evening (4,5,6 and 7pm) Classes 


Max Prowler Push

15 Minute Ladder:
3 Wall Ball
3 Kettlebell Swing
6 Wall Ball
6 Kettlebell Swing
9 Wall Ball
9 Kettlebell Swing...
*9 Push Ups before every round.  Score total reps not including the push ups


Here's a shot from last Thursday night, part of the 6pm crew, Paul, Dr. J., and Lauren.


Part 1: Row Challenge! - with a partner row 1000 meters without looking at the display. Once you think your team has gone 1000 m check the display and find the difference from 1000.  As a team complete that many reps of double unders. Time!

Part 2: 2 rounds for time - 
Try to complete 30 reps of heavy KBS (53/70) unbroken, all the way overhead the first 9 reps, then just above eye level the remaining reps. If you complete fewer than 9 reps run 600 m, fewer than 15 and more than 9 reps run 400 m, fewer than 21 and more than 15 run 300 m, fewer than 30 run 200 m, and 30 reps no run needed.

Try to complete 30 reps of shoulder to overhead (53/75) unbroken, shoulder press the first 9, push press or jerk the remaining reps. The run penalties are he same as above.

Try and complete 27 reps of pull ups, the first 6 reps dead hang, the remainder kipping. If you complete fewer than 6 reps run 600 m, fewer than 12 and more than 6 reps run 400 m, fewer than 18 and more than 12 run 300 m, fewer than 27 run 200 m, and 27 reps no run needed.